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2016 3 Okt

Surveillance (2): San Francisco, Union Square, 12-2-74, 1 p.m.

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Shopping bag, unit „A“, parabolic, unit „B“, City of Paris, unit „C“

[distortion, applause]

[Ann] It´s my secret.


[Mark] Later in the week. Sunday maybe.

[Ann] Sunday definitely.

[muffled voices, rewind]

[Ann] Sunday definitely.

[Mark] Jack Tar Hotel. 3:00. Room 773.


[Ann] A lot of fun you are.

[Mark] Does ist bother you?

[Ann] What?

[Mark] Walking around in circles.

[Bongos playing, tape rewinds, bongos filtered, distorted speech]

[Ann] The man with the shopping bag and the hearing aid, like Charles. He´s been following us.

[conversation continues indistinct]

[Ann] Pretend like I told you a joke.

[Mark laughing]


Francis Ford Coppola: The Conversation, 1974


With an audio commentary by the filmmaker himself spoken several decades after the film´s release (another time-shift). The possibilities of audio-surveillance in its early days – the script was written in the mid 60s – examined by the method of repetition, filtering disturbing sounds, winding and rewinding tapes of three recordings. Coppola´s connecting factors were not only Antonioni´s movie Blow up, but also Hermann Hesse´s novel Steppenwolf. Harry, the eavesdropper, wears a transparent rain coat (plastic becomes a motive) and, as kind of freelance musician, the stub for his saxophone is hanging around his neck all the time. So, you can expect some good old jazz music, too. In the Close-up, Coppola says, the film was a struggle, and they all were trying to tame it. „A struggle, always on the brink of failure. I have learned in the past, that these struggles usually bring about the best results.“


[crew chattering, cut]



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