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2016 26 Aug

The sound of the wind through a soundproof window

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I always wished to sit on one of those window sills, just watching the sun on its way, the architecture (it´s NY City, man!) and things outside happen or not, wouldn´t care. A window is a strongly symbolic place. Doesn´t it represent the transition between the conscious and the unconscious? I remember stepping to a window in a dream in a time of decision and I spotted the sight of my children´s room and knew I would be wrong at that place I considered to go. Everyone can feel a window´s glass and its coldness. You even needn´t to touch it. You might feel free and protected, a window is a comfortable place, just for a moment you touch the sky. There was no traffic anywhere, no one knocked on the door, but the sound of the wind. You were the only one to hear it.



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