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2016 11 Jul

Seven of Cups

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Generally speaking, strange chalices of vision, cups all up in a cloud, possibly reflecting transience or the overimagination or confusion of whoever makes them appear. Accordingly, they have been associated with wishful thinking.

There is some dispute as to what the 7 symbols in the cups mean, but Tarotologists have some suggestions as to the meanings. Know though that the exact elements within the vision may be less important than the very act of conjuring them.

Seven of Cups arguably represents temptation, choice, self-delusion.
The cups offer the following possible representations:
A human head – companionship, love

A shrouded, glowing entity – the burning need for the conjurer’s self-illumination

A snake – passion and desire, resultant powerful transformative knowledge

A castle or tower – power, stability, place of birth

A treasure hoard – wealth, not necessarily material or monetary

A laurel wreath – victory, honour, status. The skull inscription on the cup itself may be a reminder against triumphalism

A dragon – so many levels to this one. Partly it’s a signal that you need to visit Wales. No psychogeographer can visit Wales and leave unaffected by its magic. Dragons are also memetical – a myth that – until the dinosaurs‘ existence was proven by archaeologists in the 19th Century – was just a myth.
Paraphrased / reworked from Wikipedia

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