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Did you ever dream actual music? Muted harmonic simplicities gently rocking back and forth. It could be the sound of the space between buildings in an industrial estate in the blue-grey half light of morning, where only seagulls walk. There are only empty Coca-Cola and Fanta cans, and crisp packets blowing in the wind. It’s nothing. Much.

Glial cells in the brain shrink during sleep increasing interstitial space in brain tissue, allowing an increase of fluid to wash toxins away: reality’s maker remade in the dream-space, just as real and true as the empty crisp bags and rusty cans, foxes, phantoms, yesterday’s dead half-lit in the pale half-light of blue-grey morning. The music is in there, actuated by what? What immortal ear or eye could rock this harmonic symmetry?

And, and, and … and if we think more closely about our ordinary/mundane concept of reality, maybe we don’t consider real the whatever-the-fuck that actually happens. Instead, we consider real a type/manner of happening that is familiar to us to be it, to be reality. Not tonight, said the cymbal, my head hurts.
Based on 10 listens to Arvo Pärt’s „Summa“ (Estonian National Symphony Orchestra)
+ Cheetah
CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum] nice closing moments, clean/uneasy CHEETAHT7b hip hop handclaps weird phantom wash CHEETA1b ms800 genuinely amazing wtf moment, it’s like „
The hideous operating and programming system (2 digit LED) may drive you crazy but there’s nothing else quite like it for low-fi digital weirdness on the ultra cheap. Sum up:One for the adventurous/experimental/patient/mad“ retro in a way but something forward in the production that lifts it out of the retro toybox. „CHEETA2 ms800“ „CIRKLON3 [Колхозная mix]“ 8:13 6. „CIRKLON 1“ 7:17 7. „2X202-ST5“ This stuff is so fucking great, it makes my heart burst
Stolen lines: Russell Hoban, William Blake, Philip Larkin, BBC News, Roddy Doyle, New York Times

And the seven of cups is reversed. In an orchard drenched in blue light.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Great, great Aphex Twin record, and I only like a few:)

    The avant way of retro!

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Will be played in the next show – one track surrounded by two tracks of a forthcoming mini-album by Sven Kacirek and Thomas Klein.

    Release date: Aug 12, on Select, sub-label of bureau b

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