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2016 14 Mai

Woman in a Mirror

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When I was a young girl our family sometimes visited my mother´s mother. It was just few miles away, to me it was countryside for they had a garden and even chickens there. My grandmother lived with her brother and his family in a house, she in an appartment upstairs which she shared with another old woman always dressed in black. Kind of flatshare, but not at all hippie-like. She was my only grandmother that time, hard of hearing, so I automatically talked louder to someone older than say seventy, even now. She had lost nearly everything she once loved, at a very early age, and she never talked about it. These visits always bored me. I was the only child in the world, as my brother talked to the adults and seemed to be like one of them. All my books I had already read. At that time I did not know about the public library. My mother was a children´s nurse so she was afraid of bacteria and thus not enthusiastic about library books at home. In my despair I took the current edition of the women´s magazine my grandmother bought every thursday, year for year. As I never was interested in king´s or queen´s affairs or their babies and the fashion and make-up advices, there were only a few pages left I regulary read. This was the story of the week. Main character mostly was a young or middle aged woman unhappy with her love life. And – I could hardy believe it – there was always a happy end, at least in a way. I lied on a sofa in a separate room (my brother´s godmother´s bedroom) and I thougt when this was a good short story everybody could write one. But I did not trust them. And would a calculable life not be boring?

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  1. Lajla Nizinski:

    Das sind schöne atmosphärische Ortsbeschreibungen.

    Je älter man wird, desto interessanter ist es, an Orte zurückzukehren, an denen man einmal sehr glücklich war. An solchen Déjà-Vu Plätzen sollten Geschichten geschrieben werden, die von der Liebe zum Leben handeln. Solche Stories sind rar.

  2. Martina:

    Interessant, was du schreibst, Lajla. Tatsächlich ist es ein wichtiger Ort für mich, einer, der mit viel uneingelöster Hoffnung verbunden war. Kam ein Glücklichsein rüber?

  3. Lajla Nizinski:

    Wenn heimische Behaglichkeit Glück bringt …

    Lies mal das Gedicht von Charles Bukowski: „So you want to be a writer?“

    Darin gibt es Zweifel, die du als optimistisches Kind zum Glück noch nicht hattest.

  4. Martina:

    Das ist doch keine optimistische Kindheitsbeschreibung! Das Gedicht von Bukowski ist auch sehr zeitbedingt zu verstehen. Man kann Texte nur dann einfach in die Tasten hauen, wenn man sich viel mit Sprache beschäftigt hat und in bestimmte Zonen gelangt ist. Man würde ja auch niemandem, der noch nie an einem Klavier saß, sagen, setz dich einfach mal hin und spiele, das, und nur das, ist dann authentisch.

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