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2016 29 Apr

My name is Richard Maddox. Dear Lajla, …

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… I saw the Allman Brothers Band the 1st time play at Palm Beach Jr. College in 1970. Since then I’ve seen them play over 20 times. I listen to their music like a Dead head listens to the Grateful Dead – extensively! I’ve heard every bootleg record that’s widely available too. I can say with authority on their music that this recording is exceptional. In addition, you will hear Duane chatting with the audience as never before. Almost as if he knew that this would be one of the last recorded live performances before his tragic death. The quality of „Live from A&R Studios“ is superb. I’m really surprised that this session hasn’t appeared in it’s entirety before now? If this band – in their original line-up – isn’t the best improvisational blues band of all time I don’t know who is? Best, Richard!

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1 Comment

  1. Lajla:

    Hi Richard, how nice to hear from you. Never forget the words on your T-shirt, when we met at Atlanta: „It’s my life and I do what I want“. At Filmore you put the words: „The Animals love the Brothers“ on that deep blue T-shirt. I hope things are going easy …

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