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2016 11 Mrz

Inside the experience – „The Ship“ in Geneva

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I’ve written Brian Eno some lines about my journey along the Northern coast of Scotland, from Thurso to Dunnet Head, with some side trips to the hinterland. Alone with a driving jukebox called „Land Rover“ playing four cd’s only, David Bowie’s „Blackstar“, Brian’s „Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)“, Van Morrison’s „Astral Weeks“, and Bo Hansson’s „Lord of the Rings“ – for days and nights on end, and hard rain in between.


„That was quite a strange Highlands drive you took Michael. I’ve never heard Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings and indeed know nothing about it. But what a nice group of albums.

I’ve never owned a car in my life, and the only regret I’ve had is that I therefore haven’t been able to drive off into the mountains and listen to music. There’s something about the confinement and concentration of a car interior that makes it an especially good place for listening. I think it’s also that the music really occupies the space of the car three-dimensionally, so you’re really inside the experience (…) 

Speaking of being inside the experience: If you want to hear my new album ( – thanks for the nice comments!) in its 3-dimensional form – which was how it was intended to be heard – I have a multi-channel installation called THE SHIP in Geneva at the moment, at the Institute of Contemporary Art. It’s a long train ride for you…but you could drive and listen to some music on the way!  (…)“

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    So „surrounding“ & immersive the experience in Geneva may surely be, I can honestly say, as now being a passenger on „The Ship“ for a while, that the record is no „downsizing“ of the original listening experience in a psycho-acoustc sense.

    It simply sucks you in! Totally seductive. for enhancing the feeling of being „in it“, or „in the zone“, I highly recommend to listen to the album in the evening hours – when darkness falls.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    In a comparable sense Laurie Anderaon’s brilliant album „Heart of the Dog“ is no „downsizing“ from the movie.

    And forget that old saying that nothing is so old as yesterday’s newspaper, and try to get a copy of yesterday’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung: „Das Leben ist voller verpasster Chancen – ein Interview mit Laurie Anderson“ (Dank an Uwe Meilchen)

  3. Michael Engelbrecht: / interview_eno_mitchell …

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