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2016 18 Feb

Final playlist for a long radio night on Feb. 20th

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(…) And as it became clear, the mysterious seed, the topos of all sonic expression, lies in tone colour, or better, lies in the awareness of it, which is its resonance. The textbook definition of tone colour can only describe what it is not: qualities of sound that are not related to pitch, volume, or duration. Tone colour is therefore the absence and yet the total presence. For example, a mother reading a fairy tale to her child is reading words made of letters – but the child hears the mother´s „I love you“ in her voice. This is resonance. I throw a pebble in a lake and there is resonance. If the pebble is dirty, there is still resonance. There is a sense of purity. Thoughts create resonance. Sounds create resonance. Resonance is pristine, detached of the object. Appearing as tone colour, sound has the potential to become its own resonance, effortless and luminous.

(Thomas Köner) 



NEW RECORDS (1 & 2): Roly Porter / Ben Monder / Tindersticks / Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto / Jon Balke (four tracks) / Tortoise / Yorkston, Thorn & Khan / Michel Benita / Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  // Thomas Köner / Tindersticks (second appearance) / Avishai Cohen / Lucinda Williams / Fire! / Ches Smith


CLOSE-UP: King Crimson – The Thrak Box Set (1994-97) 


TIME TRAVEL (1): with Sun Ra, Count Ossie, David Bowie, Mikael Teraverdiev, Parush Parushev a.o. ((„Jon Ward’s Excavated Shellac focuses on ethnic music on 78’s. He’s one of the smartest obsessive record collectors I know, and the stuff he posts I would gladly pay to download … it is always stuff you would never hear anywhere else, nothing here on CD. This is the rarest of the rare and the best of the best. Stellar!“ – Steve Roden, Wire Magazine’s Web Exclusive))


TIME TRAVEL (2 & 3): Underworld – Second Toughest in the Infance (1996) // Bert Jansch: Avocet (1978) (Now lovingly released by Earth Recordings, this album sees Jansch at the height of his compositional powers) 


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  1. Jan Reetze:

    In den USA wird Jon Balkes neues Album erst im April veroeffentlicht. Umso mehr bin ich gespannt auf die Sendung.

  2. Liselotte:

    Auch hier dürfte es bei einer Ankündigung geblieben sein. Freu mich auf die Sendung!

  3. IJ. Biermann:

    Ich hoffe, ich kann das hier auch in Norwegen empfangen.

  4. Rosato:

    In Norwegen hören …

    müsste gehen:

    press LIVE STREAM button

  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Und Avishai Cohen nach den Tindersticks zu spielen, ist die naheliegendste Entscheidung, bei der Arbeit an Reihung der Stücke in all den Stunden.

    Karl Ackerman schreibt zu INTO THE SILENCE in allaboutjazz:

    „… Besides being Cohen’s finest composing and playing to date, Into the Silence is an extraordinary project on every level. There is a transcendence in this music that is both uplifting and heartbreaking. The group plays as one, they genuinely feel an appreciation of humanity and life-changing ramifications of loss. The rendering of these compositions is never over-sentimental, but never less than authentic. A masterpiece.“

  6. Michael Engelbrecht: / gilles-peterson-presents-sun-ra-and-his-arkestra …

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „A tiento is a form of keyboard music that originated in Spain in the mid-15th century. Thomas Köner’s first encounter with this musical genre goes back to a commission from Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, for which he chose to do an interpretation of Antonio Cabezon’s „Tiento del primer tono“ (1570). He rearranged and performed the work with gongs, piano, and live electronics in 2012.

    „Tiento de la Luz“ is Köner’s second tiento, succeeds „Tiento de las Nieves“ (2014) and precedes the upcoming „Tiento de la Oscuridad“. While „Tiento de las Nieves“ is a work for solo performer and live electronics, the instrumentation of „Tiento de la Luz“ is expanded: in addition to Köner’s distinct live electronics, there are two piano parts, percussion, and viola da gamba.“ (Denovali Records HQ)

  8. Michael Engelbrecht:

    What is the JurassiKc THRAK in the THRAK BOX SET?

    Robert Fripp: That is an assemblage of material from the recording sessions for the album compiled by David Singleton – similar to ’Keep That One Nick’ on the Larks’ Tongues Boxed set – placing the listener in the studio with the band as the material was composed and recorded.

    You can, for example, hear the band experimenting with different drums parts for „Inner Garden“ & a wonderful early vocal before that song was divided into two. Similar excitements await listeners with all the other songs. There are also seven pieces that didn’t make it onto the final album.

  9. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The WARP-talk with Jon Balke …

  10. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „Finally, ATTAKcATHRAK (The Vicar’s THRAK) provides longtime Crimson engineer/producer David Singleton the chance to make his own sequel to THRaKaTTaK, the 1996 studio concoction that took „THRAK“ improvs from a multiplicity of shows recorded on tour in 1995 as inspiration for full album composed – other than the initial and closing themes of THRAK’s title track – entirely of improvised material.

    Like-minded but an entirely different experience, ATTAKcATHRAK (The Vicar’s THRAK) provides its own alternate window into Crimson’s return to improvisation, as well as shining a strong spotlight on the technology that made this six-headed Crimson capable of sounds well beyond those anticipated from what was essentially a two-guitar, two-bass and two-drums lineup.“

    (very short excerpt from the longest ever review of the Thrak Box Set,
    by John Kelman,

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