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2016 22 Jan

Snowstorm 4: Phonemic subversion and narratological impetus

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Love You Till Tuesday’s backing track is a weird jaunty department store jingle. An unlikely basis for the linguistic play it supports. The lyrics address a paradox: „my passion’s never ending and I’ll love you ‚til Tuesday“. Except it’s only a paradox for the object of love. The subject here is mercurial/comedic- you can hear it in the comedy aspect of the vocal – especially the second vowel in the word ‚romance‘ which opens up a whole book of English phonology that there’s no space to go into here. Let’s just put it like this: nobody in England (or Scotland/Ireland/Wales/USA) pronounces the word like that. Phonemic subversion! Perfect. You can also hear comedy in the (presumably scripted, non-corpsing) burst of laughter that follows for a brief second. Amid the silliness, something serious is said. The parting shot: „well, I might stretch it ‚til Wednesday“ is superfluous, and deliberately misplaced. Go on, it’s saying. Throw in a pseudo-denouement where none’s required. Keep listening, it’s saying. There’s so much more to come. A an interlude within a music hall interlude within a music hall interlude: a weird jolt, a narratological impetus.

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