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2015 7 Dez

William McIlvanney

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William McIlvanney ist in seinem Haus in Glasgow mit 79 Jahren gestorben. Mit seiner Trilogie um den grüblerischen Detective Inspector Jack Laidlaw schuf er eine vielschichtige Figur – und drei Klassiker nicht nur der schottischen Kriminalliteratur. Die Laidlaw-Trilogie ist hierzulande zwischen 2014 und 2015 erschienen in der hochgelobten Übersetzung von Conny Lösch: Laidlaw, Die Suche nach Tony Veitch, sowie Fremde Treue. „McIlvanney zu lesen ist kein Spaziergang im Sonnenlicht: Er führt in die Labyrinthe der Selbst- und Existenzbefragung, beleuchtet von glänzenden Aphorismen.“ Das schrieb Tobias Gohlis einmal zu diesen Büchern.

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    „In addition to his literary career, McIlvanney wrote regularly for newspapers, and was a writer and narrator of the BBC Scotland football documentary Only a Game? in 1986.

    McIlvanney held onto his strong socialist views throughout his life. In common with many from his background in Scotland, he was strongly opposed to Thatcherism. Later he became disappointed by the shift of Labour under Tony Blair and by 2014 he had come to feel, hesitantly, that Scottish independence might be the best political solution.

    William McIlvanney died on 5 December 2015 at the age of 79, after a short illness. On hearing of his death a number of public figures including Nicola Sturgeon, Ian Rankin, and Irvine Welsh, paid tribute noting both his inspiration writing and his likable and gentlemanly personality.

    The Telegraph obituary noted that „Many authors are admired. Many are respected. Few are loved as he was, for what they are as well as for what they have written.“

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