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2015 27 Nov

Before sleep

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I thought I was too tired to listen to Joanna’s „Divers“, so I was desperately looking (after an evening some might call sad) for Christina Vantzou’s „No. 3“ in the back of my car (for my slow motion mind), but though it was fucking cold outside, the fatigue continued, and I was yearning for Christina’s drones, all those lovely tiny ghost harmonics that would enter my tired ears with strings and whispers and wordless mumblings of dead poets. Was not there. No lucky me, and the really funny things are on their way yet. So there was Joanna and me, in the end, and it worked fine. It worked fucking fine. Awesome record. Night, fall.

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1 Comment

  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    Yesterday evening, while waiting in the dark on the railway Station platform for my delayed Train to arrive I listened to an 80 minutes Long mix compiled from the Soundtrack scores by the greaet great Bernhard Herman which made for great listening pleasure – all those strings going mad (remember his „Psycho“ Soundtrack and his score for „North by Northwest“?) …, somehow the mood of the scores transferred onto me (everybody around me looked like a spy) and instead of calming me down for the evening ride home I came home with my inner batteries fully charged.

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