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2015 25 Nov

London and Paris

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And in London it doesn’t much matter where you are, you’re there. There is a Périphérique but it ain’t the fuckin M25. Shapes and shadows move in in and out. Your own. Nobody has a reality, only a perspective. Psychogeography is a ghost hunt, not a fact hunt. A sacrament. London is anarchy and chaos and „God Save the Queen. She ain’t no human being“ and you are dwarfed by skyscrapers and humbled by ordinariness. Total fucking ordinariness. There’s a light everywhere in the London city-state that doesn’t bright like this anywhere else on the island. You could be in Bayswater in the shadow of the Westway or praying to the grey clouds above Trafalgar Square. [They say if you stand in Trafalgar Square long enough, you will meet everyone you know. Unless they’re a pigeon. Traf Sq. is a fucking pigeon dispersal zone these days. Rest in peace Preep.] Or you could be on a Tube train to Elephant and Castle wondering why TFL ain’t changed the upholstery on the seats in so long. The moquette on those motherfuckers is shot to fuck. You wouldn’t see that on the Central Line. Or maybe you would. Who knows. Fuck knows. Paint flakes and places change. Maybe that train just has better iration norf of the river.


Coffee is a river. A river that can’t be held back.




Paris. Paris on Wednesday‎, ‎26‎ ‎November‎ ‎2014 ‎at 9.24am.



And that stretch of the Boulevard de Rochechouart is one of the coolest places in the world. Pound shops, repair shops, news kiosks selling Les Inrockuptibles, total fucking ordinariness, and dreamlike.



„The city is asleep, we’re wide awake
Warm rain is gonna wash away
Our troubles and doubts

And all our dreams and fantasies
All the mystery is inside

Purple night is gonna fall
Is gonna take it out tonight
Leaving two weightless bodies
Weightless bodies
Two weightless bodies

And all our dreams and fantasies
The mystery’s inside“


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  1. Nancy:


    saw your post about Due North and Quiet City. I noticed that you posted a lyric that doesn’t quiet match what I hear when I listen to it. Are the lyrics included in the CD? I’m frustrated not to understand one line in particular – the one that sounds like it begins with „no maps to chart this course, across the blue …“ what are the lines that follow?? Any thoughts you have are welcome.

  2. Ian M:

    Hi Nancy. I will have a listen later today and let you know.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Ian M:

    Hi again Nancy.

    I can’t quite make it out. It’s something like this:

    „there are no maps to chart this course / across the blue, yeah, satellite moon oh“

    or „across the blue, yeah, satellite moon glow“

    Hope this helps. I don’t really listen to lyrics, so I prefer not knowing what’s actually being sung. It adds valuable abstraction.

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