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2015 7 Nov

Small talk in Cafe Breizh, first floor

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– (She) There’s only one toilet.
– (Me) Ah, mixed zone.
– (She’s washing her hands)
– Where do you come from?
– West Germany. And your accent tells me you’re from The East Coast.
– I couldn’t tell the difference hearing me between East and West Coast.
– Brooklyn?
– How do you know?
– By intuition. So you’re a tourist in Paris.
– Nope. I’m working here. I’m a lawyer.
– I’m a psychologist.
– So we’re the same.
– Kind of. What’s your favourite music?
– Oh, I have to give that a thought. (Silence) Hipster music, I think.
– For example?
– The Churches.
– Don’t know them. You wanna a life-changing experience, musicwise?
– Okay.
– Listen to old records from the Go-Betweens, they were from Australia.
– Will do. And they have done what?
– Anti-hipster-music.
– (The woman laughs)
– (Another lady leaving the toilet)
– Nice conversation. See you next lifetime, sister!
– You’re the funny guy, aren’t you?
– Not everybody would say that.

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    She meant this band, written differently.

    Chvrches, ausgesprochen wie „churches“ (engl. Kirchen) und manchmal stilisiert als CHVRCHΞS, ist eine 2011 gegründete britische Elektropop-Band aus Glasgow. Sie besteht aus Lauren Mayberry (Gesang, Synthesizer), Iain Cook (Synthesizer, Gitarre, Bass, Gesang) und Martin Doherty (Synthesizer, Sampler, Gesang).

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