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2015 14 Okt

New skin for an old ceremony

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Is it cosmic techno, pure analogue synth nostalgia, just fun? You can’t escape from memory, but you can forget about memory.  In case you don’t, you’ll find traces of John Foxx’s Metamatic and Vangelis, a bit of Kraftwerk here, and definitely no Eno there. Some dissonant sound attacks are creeping in and undermine an overdose of old school-vibrations. Something sinister is helpful, too, to extend the palette. An experiment that is quite elevating in its robotic parts and a bit nervy in its more avant-moments, Yann Tiersen, Lionel Laquerrière and Thomas Poli call their project and album E. S. B. (from the term „Elektronische Staubband“). Works in the night time (long car rides),  but it won’t stay with you till the morning comes. I do prefer  the strange sweet nothings  of Lloyd Cole’s solo album on Bureau B.

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