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„I still do that. It’s one of my favourite things. The only rival is sitting by the sea. There’s Morse, Lewis, George Gently, Wallander, Broadchurch – nobody does them better than the British. I watch them all. First, it’s their minds. They are detectives who are ultimately flawed, but they have obsessive genius, starting with Sherlock Holmes, and Vera (Brenda Blethyn’s Vera Stanhope, based on booky by Ann Cleaves) too, unexepectedly. They see things just like artists, things other people don’t see, and therefore they’re able to unravel stuff. Everytime I see Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander, it’s like a new movie.“ (Patti Smith)


((Though I prefer the American way of noir, Patti nails it down on the other side of the ocean. High Quality stuff most of it, for sure. Broadchurch: killer, Hinterland, too.  Nice she didn’t mention the lovely sleeping pill Barnaby. But that quote from a long cover story in the October edition of MOJO put a big, big smile on my face. May I add another great British crime series, just released on DVD: „No Offence“; M.E.))

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