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They both broke out of jail and walked quickly to the nearest hill
Where they looked back upon the scale of what they’d done to get to the hill
And they had their songs packed away and no time to waste or lose
And they had their songs to play.

They made it to the nearest town and found an empty house there to hide
The guards were tracking them down but they both felt safe inside
And they had their songs to sing and no time to waste or lose
And they had their songs to sing.

They wondered where they should go, remembered a club that they’d once played
Run by a lady named Jo who didn’t mind if they stayed
Because she had her heart upon one of the men who played
And as he sang his song she saw that he felt the same.

Da da da da da.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Im September kommen endlich ein paar aussergewöhnliche Songalben auf den Markt, welche die Saison und das Jahr überdauern werden, ich habe das Glück, sie schon hören zu können.

    Neben Robert Forster gibt es lauter gute Musik von David Rawlings Machine (deep deep Americana), The Mercury Rev (unerhörte Klänge ohne Stammproduzenten David Friedman), und Richard Hawley (läuft zu alter Form auf mit seinem „Sheffield Crooner Soul“) …

    Joanna Newsom kommt dann im Oktober.

    Vor David Gilmours neuem Teil kann ich nur warnen :)

  2. Lajla nizinski:

    Adventticket schon gekauft. 20.-EU im Gebäude 9 Robert Forster.

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