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2015 22 Aug

Pattern Man, 2015

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„Please excuse me if I reverse many months now, to sitting in a Cafe Nero in West London before heading in to see Brian Eno at his studio. I was scribbling a head mash in my notebook, not for anything but after head-bending weeks trying to fit my life choices into the seemingly unforgiving boxes of ‚future‘, ‚family‘, ‚housing‘, ‚wage‘ etc. I had always chosen this cafe before sessions with Brian, it had a first floor window to watch the street below from and usually I came to it after a longish journey, the rhythm of which had allowed thoughts to form as they do on long journeys, the greatest time to stare and let the subconscious tumble around a little.

I sat there to have a quick coffee and gather myself, as much out of habit as anything. I scribbled a super-quick page in my notebook,

Pattern Man

you’re really freaking out

shot in your snout

baby smell and all that

dog at your trousers

body cracks when you fill the tubes

with fumes now

humans look wood cracked now

six of ten on street pinocchio

looking down at phones now

birthday clocks in our pockets

pouting like trout now

how will the numbers fall

for the walkabout

It was due to be a meet up for lunch and a catch up. It had been months. As ever though he had something cooking, some haywire jazz piano improvisation process. Again as ever, it made me share my latest or most relevant notebook scrawl, and within minutes of walking in and saying hello I had mic in hand and we were making a piece. Just a couple of hours, if that, and off we went.

The patter of these words stuck with me. They didn’t make it into my collection, though I thought of them often and the title reflected how often the instinct to control raised its thorny head in my work — and way beyond that tiny microcosm.“


R i c k   H o l l a n d

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    A real „power spot“, that place in CAFE NERO, Rick!:)

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Manafonistas second meeting, Notting Hill, London, March 2016 (just an idea) – special guest, a real „Saint“, Bob T. Bright!

  3. Lajla Nizinski:

    London wäre prima für unsere Expads :)

  4. Norbert Ennen:


  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Listened to one track: interesting, relaxing – CAFE NERO should play it in the early morning hours when the talking doesn’t drown the background music.

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