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2015 7 Aug


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„One day, it may be possible to predict the possibility of life anywhere in the universe from the chemical composition of the cosmos.” [Life: Stupendous, Churning, Steampunk]

Moo. Oink. Baa?

„The multifarious narrative flow develops inside a ‘black box’, which will open a time window of 55 minutes, suddenly transporting the spectator back to the Anthropocene era following a perfectly timed fractal logic of entirety and self-repetition.“ []


„I really liked this record on first listen. Maybe it’s an effect of concision, but I went straight back for a second listen immediately, and loved it. Let’s leave it to professional reviewers to contextualise, compare, value. To do these things I am unable. It had until today been a week/month where the preoccupation was breakfasts rather than music. Don’t underestimate breakfasts. Don’t underestimate music.“ [Me]





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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Air Effects: my flight from Glasgow to the isle of Barra. Next year. Short breakfast: a hot, but decoffeinated cup of coffee on the small aeroplane. My in-ear-phones sing Loaded Man (source: the magical world of the strands). There are no big screens on board, but wooden boxes with corn flakes, no milk today, but the „water of life“, forgot the Gaelic word for whisky. Turns me on, I’m a radio. Fennesz will play duo with Arve Henriksen at the 11th Punktfestival. I’ll go ozmotic at that time. In Paris between Sept. 4 and 7: preoccupation: songs in the shower, time stands still with a croissant, jam and my Electronic Griot Lecture on sensurround sound, new wedding music and Eno in 1975. Blue Nile moods. Besides me, an old man from Calcutta. Who has a terrible stutter. At breakfast he says: give me b-b-bread, and b-b-b-b-b-b-butter. Really ozmotic.

  2. Anonymous:

    That is a tremendous limerick!

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    It is:)

    In memoriam Dr. Egon Werlich. He was the gobetween.

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