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2015 5 Jul

Mail from Catherine

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Michael, we do share the same crêpe in the city of Paris. You prefer the classics there, I know, and the savory buckwheat galettes filled with organic ingredients are real burners, but the dessert crêpes with Japanese touches (yuzu, ginger) put Breizh Café head and shoulders above the rest. Check the chalkboard for more exotic, seasonal specials – my recent favorite was a seared sea scallop and samphire galette filled with leek & tarragon cream. You can begin your meal with briny oysters, finish with a salted butter caramel crêpe, sip artisanal hard ciders throughout the meal, and still escape for less 20€ per person. All this makes Breizh a popular and affordable luxury, one that you need to reserve in advance. And you are so right, they do have the best ciders of the world, it’s from a small town in the Bretagne, and you can’t buy it in the shops. The heat is nearly unbearable at the moment. Time stops in its tracks. I love the new Chris Stapleton record, „Traveler“. It’s more on the Country side of Americana, but far away from the usual overdose of Nashville sugar. Catherine.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    My Favorite Addresses for Great Crêpes in Paris

    67, rue du Montparnasse (14th)

    Crêperie Bretonne
    67, rue de Charonne (11th)

    Breizh Café
    109, rue Vieille du Temple (3rd)

    West Country Girl
    6, passage St. Ambroise (11th)

    Little Breizh
    11, rue Grégoire de Tours (6th)

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I’ve been there during the last 15 or so years. Not, ha, that anyone thinks, I do visit all these places within a short three day stay in town! But I have a similar obsession for creperies (galettes in particular) in Paris as I have for Indian reataurants in London :)

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