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2015 29 Jun

On the other side of DESIRE

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They were travelling on State Route 181 off to State 186. They stopped 26 miles to the southwest at the junction of State Road 181 and U.S. 666. KPFK was playing THE LAST TIME from the Rolling Stones. She knew a Restaurant for truck drivers nearby, where they offered the biggest Schnitzels. There Jimmy Choos and the others used to meet for lunch and talk about their desires. About girls, who „never part.“ About the dude, who has left jail just the other day. One of the truck drivers said: „Yeah, Jim was blinded by the hunt.“

Another agreed: „Well, he knows, what he seeks now, someone, who sets his „heart on fire“.

Outside it was very hot. They kept driving a bit further North on State Route 89. He knew a bar approximately 10 miles northwest from here. He got on State186 and turned right onto Road 618, which was unpaved. They entered the Bar INFINITY. Nobody was in it. They felt as they were in the Movie: „Hi, here is my face, ahh“, which they watched the other day on channel TCM.

Bob went to the bathroom. When he came back, she smiled at him: „I like how you walk into a room. You can bring oceans of potions.“

„Juliette, mon coeur, I was just out here on the Other Side of Desire.“

She grinned: „You better be careful or all your dreams just stop dying.“

They had a few beers and a Gin and Tonic. They got back in their Corvette. After a 4 miles drive they turned right on Road 200. This road was winding down. On Radio they heard the song END OF THE LINE. Both turned it off almost at the same time. When they crossed a creek the car was suddenly wheeling around. She was afraid, he put his hand on her knees. „All life is circling and all circles leading.“

„Please, could you do me a favor and stop here?“ He parked the car in Canal Street, on the other side of the last stop from the Riverfront Line.

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  1. Lajla Nizinski:

    My favorite Song on the Great New CD „the other Side of DESIRE“ from Rickie Lee Jones is LOVER’S OATH. Gorgious Cajun Music.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Meine Favoriten sind HAUNTED, der VORLETZTE SONG, und das ganze Album:)

  3. Lajla nizinski:

    Ja HAUNTED sehr stark. Mich würde mal interessieren, ob so eine andere Art von Musikbesprechung Neugierde auf die CD wecken kann. Meine Roadstory soll den Eindruck erwecken, dass hier Music for the Road vorgestellt wurde.

  4. Martina Weber:

    Ich hatte den Text erstmal als kleine Story gelesen, aber bin dann stutzig geworden, weil manche Wortwechsel wie Zitate wirken. Und den Titel kann ich ja schon, weil Michael die lyrics hier eingestellt hatte. Dann wurde mir klar, dass es eine Musikbesprechung ist. Ich finde die Idee der Herangehensweise super. Ich bekomme durchaus ein Gefühl für die Musik dadurch.

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