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2015 27 Jun

Downtown Music Gallery

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Gestern erreichte mich dieser ungewöhnliche Newsletter:
The rich get richer and the poor get worse
Ain’t nothing left but dust in my purse
We all have families so how we gonna feed’em?
Where’s Robin Hood when we really need him?
Summer is here and the heat is a drag
I wish I had some answers so I could brag

Music is the only thing that keeps me sane
So listen closely before it all goes down the drain.
Time to check out some New Music from Our Favorite Folks:

John Zorn/Dreamers‘ Pellucidar! Dave Douglas! High Risk! Ingrid Laubrock
Anti-House III! Thollem/Nels Cline/Wimberley! Blind Idiot God Returns!
Anthony Coleman! Schlippenbach/Hubweber/Schubert/Thomas/Kellers!

Karl Berger & Kirk Knuffke! Sara Serpa & Ran Blake! John Hollenbeck &
Frankfurt Big Band! Frank Lacy & Mingus Big Band! Sean Sonderegger’s
Magically Inclined! Motian Sickness! Joan Wildman & Joe Fonda!

Ken Aldcroft & Scott Thomson! Helio Parallax! Karin Krog Anthology! Peter
Tosh! Waylon Jennings! Lou Reed! Lemon Pipers! And even more …!

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