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2015 16 Jun

Al Stewart: Love Chronicles

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Stewart´s second album is often name-checked as the first time the word „fuck“ appeared in a pop song, and is also notable for the calibre of its session players (Jimmy Page, Richard Thompson and others from Fairport Convention). The centrepiece, though, is the 18-minute title track, a frequently uncomfortable autobiography in which he catalogues the highs and lows of his romantic endeavours; losing his virginity in a Bournemouth park, encounters with groupies, searching for ’60s permissiveness („beer cans and parties, debs and arties …“), bouts of self-loathing, and ultimately finding true love in the last three verses. „You Should Have Listened To Al“ picks over the bones of another doomed affair, but in a lighter, wittier tone („she left me the keys and a dozen LPs“).

(True words from Uncut magazine) 

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1 Comment

  1. Lajla Nizinski:

    Ah, Fairport Convention, supi. Werde ich jetzt aus meiner Plattensammlung angeln und dann auf meinem Plattenspieler aus Studizeiten schwimmen lassen. Micha, vielen Dank mal – nicht nur nebenbei – für die vielen tollen Tipps.

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