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2015 14 Jun

My 12 favourite albums of April, May and June

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  1. Matana Roberts: Always (a solo alto saxophone album, released on a small label of enthusiasts, Relative Pitch Records, no overdubs, breathtaking recording quality, deep listening – the small problem is, you won’t get it in your local store, it’s a „killer“, believe me, and, for some strange reasons, Matana’s solo excursions remind me of the joyful intensity of Marion Brown’s „Geechee Recollections“)

  3. David Torn: Only Sky (a solo guitar album that is so much more than a solo guitar album: a journey through textures, spheres, landscapes; blue moods of exstacy!)

  5. Keith Jarrett: Creation (the most introspective solo recital since „The Melody At Night With You“, going to the essence without playing old games)

  7. Lone Wolf: Lodge (an intense collection of songs, beyond the standard agenda of love lost and found; good to know there are still singers who listen to late-period Talk Talk)

  9. Rickie Lee Jones: The Other Side of Desire (finally back, and in brilliant form, with lyrics that sound conversational, incl some special New Orleans vibes)

  11. Paul De Jong: If (one half of the former „Books“ delivers a stunning collection of word-play, absurdity, and (not expected) sometimes heart-wrenching melancolia)

  13. Ghost Harmonic: Codex (the violin in the machine, the in-between-world of hidden overtones and secret echoes – only for seconds, Brian and Arvo lurk around the corner)

  15. John Potter: Amores Pasados (art songs, pop songs, who cares? Old Spanish poems and other sources – set into motion by two lutes and two singers. Captivating.)

  17. Nils Okland Band: Kjolvatn (music from the woods, the hinterland, recorded in a Norwegian stone church. Quiet does it: the maestro of the Hardanger Fiddle crosses styles and centuries)

  19. Geoff Barrow – Ben Salisbury: Ex Machina (brilliant soundtrack of a brilliant movie)

  21. Achim Kaufmann: Later (solo piano again, done with intensiy, playfulness, a wide range of sources from Thelonious Monk to Syd Barrett, from Herbie Nichols to Bob Dylan – much more than simply decent, let’s call it „en passant-passion of highest order“!)

  23. V. A. – Radio Vietnam (soundtripping through Eastern Radio, a roller coaster of sampling voices and sounds)

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  1. Norbert Ennen:

    Hallo Michael,

    über welche Quellen komme ich an Always?


  2. Gregor:

    Mein absoluter Platz 1, von 0 an die Spitze meiner Hitparade über die ersten 5 Monate 2015: David Torn. Diese Platte gefällt mir so was an gut! Mein zweiter Platz, auch erst seit ganz kurzer Zeit: LONE WOLF, gefolgt von Keith Jarrett auf Platz 3.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    @ Norbert:

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Gregor, besorge dir über das New Yorker Label diese unfasslich gute, lyrische, freifliessende Musik von Matana Roberts, du kommst aus dem Staunen nicht mehr raus (so gut kenne ich dich).

  5. Bob:

    I love the Nils Okland Band – Kjolvatn

    … for the name check … I’m going to have to buy it!

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