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The nightmare premise of a sexually transmitted supernatural entity, is so original that almost regardless of how well or how badly this film was made, I’d probably have ended up liking it. In fact, it is beautifully made and was excellently reviewed by the critics.

For example, through the extensive use of wide angle lenses, ‚It Follows‘ (to be released on DVD and BLURAY at the end of JuneJ often succeeds in placing the characters alone in wide open spaces, thereby highlighting the sheer terror of their isolation and their vulnerability to ‚It‘.

This vulnerability is underscored by the film’s music which works nicely with the images. Music plays a key role in most ‚horror‘ films, like Bernard Herrman’s score for ‚Psycho‘ or Mike Oldfield’s music for ‚The Exorcist‘. Rich Vreeland, who wrote the score for ‚It Follows‘, cites John Carpenter, Krzysztof Penderecki and John Cage as his principal inspirations. Not hard to see why. The music in ‚It Follows‘ perfectly accentuates the emotional tone of the narrative and is an integral part of the success of its creative totality.

This film is many things: a nightmare, an anxiety dream, an AIDS parable, a cautionary tale about the sexual revolution and a scary yarn about our dread of the inevitability of death. It is also an extremely entertaining movie. I liked it.

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