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James Joyce is not exactly a publisher’s dream on the copy-editing front. A click on the photo, then you’ll see. Got this message from one of my favourite English writers, Rupert Thomson. A writer of books that are all totally different from one another: mystery, historic novels, autobiography (!), thrillers. Genre-crossing, so to speak. „The Five Gates of Hell“ is one of my favourite books of his. In the old century, we changed mails about our love for certain kinds of music, he described en detail a hot summer where the first album of Massive Attack had soundtracked his nights (and the subtropical London of that year), and he fell in love with an album I sent to him by Stina Nordenstam, the weirdest collection of cover versions ever: „People Are Strange“. Remember this horribly tasteful cover versions of Tom Waits songs by this Norwegian jazz singer on Act Records? Stina gave her interpretations of originals by Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen and others a truely ghostlike vibe: falling apart is the way things go on this nearly forgotten album.

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  1. Jan Reetze:

    Du hast mich daran erinnert, dass ich die Nordenstam-Platte sogar habe … Ein sehr seltsames Ding ist das. Zuerst denkt man unweigerlich: Das ist ja grauenhaft, aber je länger man dabeibleibt, desto deutlicher wird es, dass die Platte doch um einiges raffinierter ist als man gedacht hatte. Hörenswert, aber ein vergessener Diamant ist sie nicht.

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