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2015 14 Mai

Lighthouse Memories

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Did I ever play „We Danced All Night“ in my late night radio show? From Lewis Baloue’s long-lost treasure, from these nearly unsurpassable drifting exercises. I don’t remember. I was so happy when joining Carpenter’s crew during the shooting of „The Fog“, sitting among piles of old vinyl in the lighthouse that has been turned to a local radio station. I listened to John’s thrilling moods of horror, but it was even more fun to play the „White Album“ of the Beatles in that deserted place deep in the night. The crew was sleeping, my senses were working overtime. Years later, I found Lewis Baloue’s album „Romantic Times“ in an independant record store in Notting Hill. In one piece he used a „neon vibe“ of Carpenter’s preferred synth, but his voice was floating over hints of harshness like honey. „We danced all night“. A dream. The next morning I watched some handsome people in Cafe Heaven. Looking at erotic toys they had just bought in a shop nearby, in Provincetown. On their table Egg Benedict.

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