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2015 7 Mai

Brooklyn, Sideways

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„Brooklyn throughout my life has been a place of vastness and wildness. I remember immense ruined factories; neighborhoods where diners sold ake ake, saltfish, cowsfoot soup, comfort food from West Africa; neighborhoods where you would hear Malayam, Quechua, Ladino. I once accompanied a great Irish poet who read in Gaelic in Irish Brooklyn. I remember bars where ex-guerrillas spoke of fighting the Bloody Black and Tans. I love the sea and the mountains. Brooklyn really had the same sense of being beyond measure. I remember teaching poetry to Orthodox Jewish children. One young girl came up with the line “red is the color of dying in your sleep.” The parents were startled, halted the workshop, and consulted a rabbi as to whether the exploration of poetry was safe or psychically dangerous. The rabbi felt that confronting the depths was entirely healthy and the parents invited me back.“

(D. Nurkse, author of the poem collection „A Night In Brooklyn“)


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Eine Zufallsentdeckung, dieser Autor. Ich suchte ein Brooklyn-Gedicht für das Lieblingsfoto meiner kleinen New York-Reise, stiess auf D. Nurkses‘ Lyrikband – und diesen Text des Lyrikers.

  2. Jan Reetze:

    Great atmospheric photo.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Should send it to Manfred Eicher for a real nighttime record cover:)

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