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2015 11 Apr

Aidan Moffat says

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“The album’s about lots of things. Mainly temptation, and secrets, and life – and aye, it’s about love being hard work. Or it is for me certainly. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’re very happy but I don’t trust them,” says the sage raconteur with a laugh. “I don’t trust people who say they’re happily attached and they have been for 10 years. That’s nonsense. If it’s true, you’re not living life. „And The Most Important Place In The World is a  record about the city,” he continues. “But it’s abstract, not geographical. It’s about the city as an idea, as a temptress, and even as a God in one of the songs.“ A not really very kind god (manafonistas HQ)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Benjamin Bland says:

    Admittedly it is far from immediately obvious, upon listening to The Most Important Place in the World, that this vague ray of hope extends to the contents of the album itself. The lure of sex, here intrinsically tied up with the city, has been Moffat’s most used topic over the years, and veers in and out of focus here.

    The opening track, ‘On the Motorway’, introduces this as one of the record’s main themes with the line, “It’s not the look of love we lack, but the city wants to take me back; her doors are open, her legs are spread”. By the time of ‘This Dark Desire’ it’s everywhere: “Watch how she keeps their lies alive as they run through her veins and huddle in her holes”.

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