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2015 8 Apr

Twin Peaks ohne David Lynch

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„Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like …??“

Der „cast“ ist gealtert. Man erkennt viele von damals wieder, nun sollte die Mutter aller grossartigen Serien der „Neuzeit“ aufleben, David Lynch sollte Regie führen, dann scheiterten Verhandlungen, und jetzt melden sich die alten Heldinnen, Schurken und Verrückten zu Wort. Aber wo ist der Mann mit den Doughnuts? Kann man Twin Peaks „reloaden“? Ist das alles nur eine nostalgische „Blase“?

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „If you haven’t seen it, the show is about a small town called Twin Peaks where a girl named Laura Palmer is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The local investigation is joined by FBI agent Dale Cooper, who’s been working on a similar case.

    From there, it turns out pretty much everything in this town happens under mysterious circumstances—which, rendered with Lynch’s characteristically peculiar sensibility, elevated what could’ve been a procedural cop show into something unprecedentedly abstract for network television.

    “Twin Peaks” put a lot of things together like no show before it. It was a sexy show, cast with sharp-eyed beauties eager to brush up against danger—often at their own peril—and sharp-jawed boys too handsomely stupid to know what they were getting themselves into. It was a terrifying show, filled with jump scares, demonic possessions, and enough unsettling imagery to make anyone fumble for the light switch.

    It was a funny show, employing non sequiturs, sight gags and a loose, improvisatory quality that made the frequently tangential digressions easier to bear. (The second season was criticized for flying off the rails, but myself and other fans retain a begrudged fondness for its bizarreness.)

    It was an ambiguous show, exploring Lynch’s favorite theme of evil under the surface—an immaculate place revealed as secretly seedy, the authority figures complicit in moral decay as an unnamed malevolence grew in the shadows.“

    – Jetemy Gordon

  2. Jochen:

    The Twin Peaks Theme on Baritone Guitar

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