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2015 30 Jan

A Day In The Life Of Chris Mullen

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I am sitting in this big office in the centre.
Famous marketing company.
Late night, lots of freelance over-hours behind me and i´m almost finished.
It is the first moment of the day that I take time to observe my surroundings. I´m designing a sleeping pill of 82 slides. Full of wonderful black and white tables and statistics. I hope they serve enough caffeine for the CEO-vultures that fly to London tomorrow morning and are going to devour this block of data-fetishm. The Head-Vulture of London is going to tell how they are going to save this old slowly-dying company. Around me are apple computers, mood boards, sketchpads, weird marketing ideas on paper and left-over tea cups of people that might not keep their job this year.
If you can, put this on now, preferably on your headphone. When you have, read further.
It is 10pm and there is no one around anymore. I put on the volume of the computer at 100%, go to youtube, and put on Eno. I take this moment to sit back in my chair and just observe this weird micro-world around me. The next 48 minutes, every object in this empty office resonates under the notes of Eno.

An hour later, I finish my presentation, shut down the computer and head for the reception. I talk to the receptionist to arrange a taxi i’ve been offered before. He asks me where I am from and shows me what he works on while doing a night shift. He repairs computers and watches movies on a separate TV-screen. He offers me to sit a chair besides him, we talk about his life and watch the monitoring-system of empty places in the office until the car arrives.
Half-a-sleep I am looking out of the window as we drive through a late-night centre of London, still full of people and lights. Over the Thames and back in my bed.

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