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Third try


The machinen and the flesh is one. Getting on the ground, becoming dust. Allowing your selves to be spread all over. There is no going back. There is no going on. No beat is the next step. No step is the next beat. Let the beat go. Trust just being a sound. Letting the borders blend and break like acid or the Berlin wall as a memory you cant remember.


Second try


My wishes: more of a feeling of I don`t know who is making what sound. More blending into one. Less hiarchy. Less feeling of the two providing the bottom and the one being the top. Brian Blade is one of my favorite drummers. More unidentified instruments – like a Kazorta or a Pilmaki – treated with the Stckhs machine and some Kollipa buttons, the pink and blue ones. And some subsonic and burning sprectralghosts – both the elephantronic and dolphinic machines based on the human snake oil flesh. How will these recordings affect his next works? Is this a teaser for 35 extended mixes? What drugs goes better with this experience? What religion will enrichen your beliefs? What images will change you forever?


First try


Another shot of Daniel Lanois. Makes me wonder how his next recordings will sound. Is flesh and machine just a teaser for 35 extended mixes? How will this experience shape his future recordings for other people? Finding myself wishing that he would play with other people also on various electronics. Basically Brian Blade and and Jim Wilson are comping him – while he playing on top on top on top. Would be interesting if he worked with their sounds as well. I would like less hiarchy. More of that feeling you dont know who is doing who and what.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I hope this was the matrix for something to come, and not a final statement. But, if you’re crossing borders, sometimes it is reasonable go some steps back and work in the tradition: so, nevermind, if he just trusts his voice again and does some damned vital songs …

  2. Uwe Meilchen:

    Perhaps DL’s recent Album was something of a „to-get-something-off-my-chest“ (and out off his System) and now he’s ready for some „Songs with vocals“? –

    I must admit that I’d rather await a „Songs with vocals“ Album coming up from DL … although, that said, I admit without hesitation that records like his recent one are, of course, MUCH MUCH more interesting and exciting to explore!

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