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2015 22 Jan

The Kraftwerk Accident

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To cancel the comments, happened by a strange mixture of accident and „Freud’scher Fehlleistung“. The wise idea behind it all didn’t show up being a remix of the controversial voices in a new posting, as a dialogue of a few people sitting at a table. I’m very sorry for pushing a wrong button at one time and can promise it won’t be happening again. It only happened about four times in four years that I decided to remove something, and in all cases a dialogue with the person involved, and agreement on both sides, had been part of the game.

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    If anyone has copied the 40 someting comments, he/she can send them to my email adress, and they will reappear in an entertaing remix exercise which won’t add a word not said and just skip unnecessary redundance.

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