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2015 15 Jan

Fifteen One Fifteen

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With already five different sorts of tea at home I convinced myself to buy two more, just to treat myself and „for good measure“ and „do me something good“. Some days, you’ll all agree, you have to !

So Sencha green tea as well as Darjeeling TGFOP Second Flush was my choice.

While trying to make up my mind and choose from the uncountable sorts of tea they have on stock I’ve been totally amazed today to find out that they also sell green tea mixed with Mate and Guarana, suitably that blend is entiteld „Sencha Sleepless“ – and which no doubt will keep you up and running all nite long !

(Now, „Sencha Sleepless“ — *that* would be something for Michael and one of his next „Radionacht“ to go by …)

Also ordered the third volume of Michael Palins (of Monty Phyton fame) diaries today. “ Travelling to Work (Palin Diaries 3 — 1988 to 1998). And as it already possible to thumb online tru the first pages of the book I can share with you the saying Michael Palin placed before the diary entries start as a „to go with“:

„We’re all fag Ends in the gutter of life“ (Frank Muir, 18 January 1990)

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1 Comment

  1. Lajla nizinski:

    Ich bin Kaffeetrinkerin und Kinksfan. Deswegen manchmal auch:“ Have a cuppa tea“ und zwar den Early Grey Princess.

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