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2015 7 Jan

I Fall Up

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Is there a way to say how much I love this song, this whole album, now for the first time officially released, as expanded part of another „killer album“, „Nerve Net“. „My Squelchy Life“ is a beautiful paella of styles, allusions, crossings, a wild beast without any clever agenda or fixed formula. The first song, loud, crazy, provocative for any decent thinking, reminds you of the sheer power of Eno’s first collaboration with The Talking Heads, „More Songs about Buildings and Food“. „More volts!“, Eno shouts out, „I’m sucking the juice from the generator / More volts! More volts!“ No chance to stay quiet in your lazy chair. „It’s all up! / I’m living beyond the warnings / It’s all up! / I fall up!“. High tension-track that might make you think of collapsing refridgerators or a trip to the black heart of Africa, with a lot of damaged guitars and broken loudspeakers in rotten vans. „I’m cackling off to the Congo“. Key line, followed by another message for surreal truth seekers. „Find God in a big fat water-melon.“ And then, no breath later: „Give up! Give up!“ We’re in Surrender City. Marc Bolan sends his big applause from the Great Beyond, from a town called „Ashes-to-Ashes“.

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  1. Ian M:

    Another Red Planet

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    This is what I call a very fine allusion (Ansspielung), and a description of some of the red-zone-areas of this „burning“ double-album!

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