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2014 27 Nov

My 10 favourite films of the last 12 months

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1) Locke (one man, one car, one journey, and the most heartfelt way to say ‚Fuck Chicago‘)  2) Frank (waiting for the gift of sound and darkness)  3) The Dallas Buyers‘ Club (one of these movies that make you look fo the essence of it all)  4) The Grand Budapest Hotel (old european twilight zones, fairytale meets wartime, inspired by Stefan Zweig)  5) A Field in England (like a drugged nightmare that cuts off the horizon, final game with a vision)  6) ’71  (the spirit of John Carpenter works here, and for the best) 7) Maps to the Stars (David Cronenberg’s dance of the living dead in Hollywood)  8) 20,000 Days On Earth (an inventive portrait of Nick Cave between privacy and persona) 9) 12 Years A Slave (hard stuff, great acting, dark times) 10) Cold In July (film noir Joe R. Lansdale-style) 


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  1. Jan Reetze:

    OK, The GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL sounds good, it’s ordered next from Netflix. 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH is not released yet, I have it on the waiting list.

    Yesterday I watched BEGIN AGAIN. Very successful here, nice one (especially the idea of recording an album on the streets of NYC), but all in all it’s nothing to write home about.

  2. Jan Reetze:

    Wrong – I watched BEGIN AGAIN the day before yesterday. Yesterday I watched the ZÜNDFUNK docu in the BR mediathek. Quite informative, but a bit confusing sometimes if you don’t know exactly who all these people are. And the film doesn’t care much about the 40-year history of that show. That’s a bit a pity; apparently one is expected to know it.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I do know more about your musical preferences than your cinematic pleasures, but as someone who likes to explore the forces behind the creation of music, please don’t miss FRANK! The book has finally arrived, will soon pay my duties:)

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