on life, music etc beyond mainstream

  1. True Detective (Season One)
  2. Fargo (Season One)
  3. Rectify (Season One)
  4. Longmire (Season Three)
  5. Mad Men (Season Six)
  6. Homeland (Season Four)
  7. Happy Valley (Season One)
  8. Person of Interest (Season Three)

the worst album:

  • Pink Floyd – The Endless River


(all my respect for Andy Gill who wrote what has to be said about this nirwana-new-age-noodlings in „The Independant“ followed by a shitstorm of hard-core fans who defend this piece of crap with a kind of fanatism that resembles the denial of Darwin’s evolution theory by fundamental Christians. A look at the cover speaks volumes.)


P.S. A reminder for all manafonistas who are still part of the game (11 at the moment) to send your TOP 20 or TOP 10 albums of 2014 to Jochen’s or my email adress. Ian has already send his ones (full of surprises, and several records I’ve never heared of) – deadline is December 1st. Anyone who thinks Anouar Brahem’s or Sidsel Endresen’s albums might join the list have to be quick: Sidsel’s one can already be ordered via Rune Grammofon,  Anouar Brahem’s „Sovenance“ will be released on Nov. 28th (ECM). And Sylvian’s new one will see the light of day in the last half of November.

All will be posted on December 6th.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Only traveling to one music festival in every year, leaves a lot of time for soul searching on TV – sounds weird, but even Godard compared the new generation of TV series to modern variations of „la tragedie/comedie humaine“. Right he is. This is no entertainment. Or as much entertainment as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler guarantee in their books.

  2. Bob:

    I don’t have too much time for TV these days, but I did make a point of watching Fargo – and I share your view Michael, it was great!

  3. Uli:

    Pink Floyd: the art of upcycling banalaties: the endless shiver!

  4. Martina Weber:

    Habe gerade in den Endless River reingehört, die kurzen Proben klingen tatsächlich sehr seicht.

    Auf dem Plattenteller liegt seit Tagen „Live at Pompeji“, das ist eine andere Liga, wobei ich finde, dass man sich dieses Event ansehen muss, hier also die DVD Empfehlung. Und dies ist meine absolute Lieblingsstelle aus diesem Konzert:

    „True Detective“ habe ich in der Ferienwohnung in Dubrownik gesehen, es ist echt gut, ich schaue es derzeit nochmal und wollte eigentlich auch etwas darüber schreiben, aber irgendwie bist du immer schneller.

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