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… Amazingly, there’s already the opportunity to have a short look into the Robert Wyatt biography and to get an idea what is in store for the interested reader !


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  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    The essential Robert Wyatt
    Rock Bottom (1974)

    Opening with „Sea Song“, Wyatt’s imaginative dissection of his love for Alfie, the album drifts through jazzy soundscapes, ending with a surreal outro by the poet Ivor Cutler.
    Nothing Can Stop Us (1981)

    A collection of politicised cover versions. Highlights include Billie Holiday’s „Strange Fruit“ and a reworking of Chic’s „At Last I Am Free“ that turns the disco group’s original into a poignant epic.
    Old Rottenhat (1985)

    Wyatt’s State of the World address. Set to sparse, echoing accompaniments, his lyrical concerns span the US, Iran, East Timor and the British empire, but are less about politics than about the limits and distortions of political language.
    Shleep (1997)

    Awash with brass, guitar and woodwind, this album radiates the sheer pleasure of people playing music together in a room.
    Comicopera (2007)

    A concept album in three parts. The first is domestic in focus; the second deals with the 2006 war in Lebanon; the third is sung in Spanish and Italian – a linguistic protest at the UK-US response to the war.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Okay, Nothing Can Stop Us has great songs, but is not that essential, imo. Ruth is stranger than Richard and Dondestan are more brilliant as albums, not just a collection of songs between outstanding and good.

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