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2014 16 Sep

Killing Ten Little Italians

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In Pescara I asked somebody to show me the way to the house of Gabriele d’Annunzio.

„Straight straight and then left.“

I went straight straight and turned left: nothing.

1. Sorry, the First has to go away.
I ordered a Pizza with vegetables. They delivered a Pizza with 3 pieces of Würstl and onions on it.
I asked, where are the vegetables?

„The onions!“

2. It’s clear, Nr. 9 has also to disappear.
Then I wanted to take a Bus from Pescara to Termoli. Asked from where does the Bus leave?

„From here, at 11 o’clock.“

No Bus at 11, no busses at all.
I took à train.

3. Clear out!
In the port of Termoli I could only nix à oneway Ticket to the Tremiti Islands. „But how can I Return then?“

„Take à ferry!“

4. Wanted to throw him into the sea.
Finally arrived on San Domino, found à nice little house, asked the landlady for a hot water boiler. She brought me à cup with hot water.

5. Pleazzzzze remove her!
I am à Fan of the italian Singer Lucio Dalla. I know that he lived here. He died 2012. I asked an old man, where did Lucio exactly lived? The man pointed to the other Island: „Behind the Church.“

6. To be omitted!
Anyways I thought I might take à short boattrip to San Nicola to have à look at the wonderful old monastry. I asked à ferryman to bring me over. I had to wait two hours for à five minute trip.

7. Anotherone just gone.
On that island is à little Radio Museum. The Lady in the entrance told me that I have to take the elevator. I said that I wanted to Walk. She said: „take the elevator“

i just walked away.

8. Please Carry her away.
Only two Little Italians left.

„Where does the name TREMITI come from? What does it mean?“

-Three mountains
-Three winds
-Three Diomedes

Gosh! There is only One Diomedes, Heroe of the Trojans.

9. So only One leftover.
I’m always interested in the original Music of one place.

I asked: „What Kind of Music did People play here on the Islands?“

„Disco Music.“

10. I can’t throw all of them into the Adriatic, can I?

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  1. Martina Weber:

    Ich könnte mir zu jeder Geschichte einen two-picture-comic vorstellen.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Such a wonderful thing to read. I was reading this and Fredrik’s remix one after the other, and I was writing to Webmaster Joey: did you read these two posts ?!! Absolutely weird and strange and fun. HAMMER!

    This is the best thing at all: we can still surprise ourselfes with the magic of everyday life, and different perspectives on whatever, with simple stories and unprofessional photographs.

  3. Lajla nizinski:

    Prima Idee Martina. Und in die Sprechblasen dann :( 10 kleine Negerleinvariationen;)
    Micha, gioia!

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