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2014 13 Sep

Stevie, The Black Bear

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The plan is to start here, on Manafonistas, just before Christmas, by the time you might already have seen the movie „Paddington“, a collection of 12 short short stories about a Canadian black bear who loves music by „early“ Jan Garbarek and some electronic stuff, too – and he has a knack for good thrillers. Each story will be accompanied by a drawing. As it is with all intelligent living organisms, Steve has his very special angels and demons to cope with. It’s the only black bear I ever got to know (near Yellowknife),  and I feel obliged to tell his stories. Not really campfire stories, but hinterland stories, often coming to an end without a punchline. One more spoiler: not a single story is related to the ups and downs of falling in and out of love. Though laughing out loud at certain moments is permitted, it’s serious matter. The publication of these true stories might lead to legal pursuits, i’m well aware of that fact. But I need a man or woman who can make beautiful drawings. This alone will make it happen in the end. 

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