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2014 7 Sep

Last night, Kristiansand

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After days of wonder (not all was wine and roses, some disappointments are part of experimental festivals like PUNKT that take high risks and don’t follow the easy route) it came nearly to an end at the after hours-party at K35. There the music was much too loud (was it a teenager birthday party?) and allowed nearly no decent conversation. Masters of ambient atmospheres should have handled the volume better. But, nevertheless, nice people all around.

I left quite early (one hour after midnight) and fell asleep soon. At four o’clock in the night I was awakened, half awakened, by some loud voices. they didn’t come from a dream , they came from the fifth floor, I was sleeping on the fourth floor. I turned around, but couldn’t blend out the voices. After thirty minutes of trying to fall asleep again, I stood up and opened my window. Punkt people, visitors, journalists, I dunno.

They were standing on the balcony and talking with extremely loud voices. Alcohol? Cocaine? Too much coffee? „Oh“, someone said, „the record „Crime Scenes“ from PUNKT changed my life, and it changed the life of other people as well that have heared it.“ They were very enthusiastic and even increased the volume of their confessions. Yeah, an excellent record, but why are these idiots standing in an open air zone on a balcony in the middle of the night?

„HEY, GUYS“, I said, and I spoke with a sharp voice, without any polite undertone, „THERE ARE RECORDS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE, TOO. BUT YOU ARE JUST ABOUT TO CHANGE MY SLEEPING PATTERN. SO WOULD YOU PLEASE GO INSIDE, INTO A QUIET ROOM, AND SPEAK ABOUT QUIET MUSIC IN A QUIET WAY?“ At least they understood the message and went inside. This is what I call „asshole behaviour“. How can people even have the idea to make heavily loud conversations in the middle of the night in an extremely reverberating outdoors area of a decent hotel without being drugged!? Just asking. Eggheads!

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Nicht nur, dass diese Vollpfosten mich zwei Stunden Schlaf gekostet haben, nun hänge ich auch noch mit 3 1/2 Stunden Schlaf in den Knochen am Amsterdamer Flughafen rum, und der Flieger nach Düsseldorf hat jede Menge Verspätung: fünf Stunden in diesem Fughafen sind, wenn man sich nur ein Bett wünscht, auch nicht so besonders lustig. Zu müde, etwas zu lesen, zu müde, etwas zu erleben. Tote Zeit lässt sich schlecht positiv umdeuten.

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