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2014 24 Aug

As you might know, folks,

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friends of the duduk, the Armenian shepard blues, and the Congo moon rising, Les Baxter is the leading figure in the history of exotica. Wherever exotica went, Les Baxter was there. Dark erotic dreams got a soft appeal when Les was looking for a sunset between martinis and half-naked beauties. His work for Capitol Records in the 1950s introduced most of the major movements in exotica. His 1950 album, „Music Out of the Moon,“ featured the theremin and was probably the best-selling theremin album of all time–and also founded the „space“ school of exotica.

In 1951, he did the same for the „jungle“ school of exotica with his landmark „Ritual of the Savage“ LP, for which he wrote the theme song of exotica: „Quiet Village.“ He produced and wrote most of the first album by the four-octave Peruvian songstress, Yma Sumac, „Voice of the Xtabay“ (I’ve always wondered if „Xtabay“ was pig Latin for „Baxter“). And he can be credited with anticipating the percussion school with his all-drums album, „Skins! Bongo Party with Les Baxter.“

But now we have found a rare drawing about his first honey moon adventure. For people of our time, his exotica visions seem a bit soft, easy-listening for after hours parties in such ridiculous Gentlemen Clubs of the 21st century like Rotary and similar   congregations that, of course, guarantee good regression therapy, navel-gazing included.

But not many know, that even Les Baxter had a great amount of angst when thinking of the great unknown. He mellowed his moods with sweet melodies and soft conga beats. In certain, weak moments, he confessed that, deep inside, he felt a little bit trapped by the dark side of exotica. But then, he added, most of the time he could enjoy this world, with a good, slightly mysterious woman at his side, and four or five or ten martinis spinning through his head. But, well, just wait and see.

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