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2014 14 Aug

Highbrow Idiots

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Yesterday, in the Zakk Cafe, before experiencing the one and only Bill Callahan, I read an older issue of the „Wire“ and found a review of the first Eno/Hyde record, „Someday World“. It’s of no special interest for me if someone sings his praise about this work of class, or shows his thumbs down. But this writer seemed to suffer from some hard symptoms of the „Smart Alec-Syndrome“. He really wrote that is not the question if that record is good or bad, but why Eno did it at all. Anyone who knows about the „elan vital“ (read your Henri Bergson, buddy) can only laugh out loud about such a stupid high brow exercise for idiots at the beginning of a not very promising career. The real question is not if you have written a good or bad review, but why you feel proud about such a piece of crap. This bullshit review was only surpassed by an article from another very untalented journo who wrote, in the Quietus, about artits losing their moral compass, like Neil Young who had originally planned to play Tel Aviv. Bullshit no. 2. Read Brian Eno’s letter on the Gaza war, then you might understand something about the difference of the people and the terrible politics of the Israeli government.



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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Bühne frei für Bill (das Foto) …

  2. Lajla Nizinski:

    Bill Callahan war ein wunderbarer Reisemagier. Wer setzte nicht sein candlelightsmile auf und ritt mit raus into the wild … Und plotzlich seine viel softere Lou Reed Aufforderung:“ And I say, hey“
    nein nicht take a walk … sondern „no more drovering.“

    Am besten hat mir „Spring“ gefallen. Das waren nicht nur musikalische Wechselbaeder.

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