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2014 13 Aug

The periphery

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“The periphery is the area that I inhabit in every aspect of my life. I used to resent this fact and fight against it, often with disastrous results. I’ve now come to embrace the notion that this is my rightful place. When all the free floating elements that constitute my life and work come to settle in place, this is where I find myself, and I’ve come to appreciate an intuitive ‘rightness’ to this outcome.” ( David Sylvian, August 2007)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht: …

  2. Uwe Meilchen:


    Bei The Quietus bespricht Stewart Smith Dabid Stubbs‘ neues Buch über Genese und Geschichte des Krautrock: „For Stubbs, a defining characteristic of Krautrock is the transcendence, refusal even, of Anglo-American influences. Hard-rockers like The Scorpions are clearly not Krautrock, but neither are progressive rock bands like Eloi or Grobschnitt, whose debt to 19th century classical forms stands in contrast to the bracing modernism of Can, Kluster et al. … What distinguishes Krautrock from Anglo-American rock and pop, argues Stubbs, is its horizontality. It’s not about songs, ‚those small, vertical structures‘, but what one might liken to a mapping of sound across space.“

    Bei Google Books kann man in dem Buch ausgiebig blättern:

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