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2014 23 Jul

listen to my heartbeat

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listen to my heartbeat


one year ago I recorded my heartbeats with a ultrasound scanner and a field recorder

recently I transfered them by 3 different audio-graphical software programs

wave form 4,5 heartbeats

spectral analysis 3,5 heartbeats

spectral analysis 1,5 heartbeats zoomed

spectral analysis 13 heartbeats

spectral analysis 1 heartbeat zoomed
listen …

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The graphics have a wintery feel (hope this word for „winterlich“ exists). A subtle transformation from grey winter to fairytale winter.

    Two songs I like and both call themselves „Heartbeat“, a kove song and (the other one) a more strange beast. One by King Crimson, one by Wire. Both no winter fairytales …

  2. Markus Muench:

    Micha, I thought more of that:

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Laurie Anderson will give a solo performance in Kristiansand. Yep, another „heartbeat“ !

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