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2014 14 Jul


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You may know John Steinbeck’s „Travels with Charly“, now I will see Northern coasts with my dog. Once upon a time Sancho was transported with fourty other cocker spaniels: by bus they had crossed the border of Spain during night time and luckily found new homes. Without some courageous people Sancho would have died a lonesome death sponsored by fucking Spanish laws. We won’t travel the seven seas, but hopefully will have some fun running along white beaches, stealing cakes from local bakeries and chasing dragons. Sancho is not a big friend of water and waves, but he’s great in jumping into „strandkörbe“. And he’s a great talker, no kidding. After a long walk, he’s simply looking for the next place to rest, jumps into any deserted „strandkorb“ staying there without compromise. He closes his eyes and enters his dog dream world. Then I’m daydreaming, too. I will look at the sea with eyes half-closed. A melody’s crossing the blood barrier of my brain with ease. It’s a thrumming song. A fisherwoman frets over the safe return of the eponymous lover gone to sea „with my heartstrings entangled in your net“. Everyday lifes captured with wit and warmth. From Scotland with love!



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2 Kommentare

  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    Da muss ich an Michael Holzach und sein Buch „Deutschland umsonst“ denken – sein Buch ist allerdings weniger fiction wie Steinbeck als Abbildung der (damaligen) Realitaet.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Steinbeck war auch keine fiction …

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