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2014 1 Jul

Eins Sieben Vierzehn

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The brilliant blues
I don’t wanna be frozen
I’ll spend my mornings at the sunshine cafe
I’ve read the news and the clique-ridden notions
I know that it’s time to say it’s time


The brilliant blues
Will never flow this way again
The color of the Mersey is grey
The brilliant blues
Have faded into sadness and pain
And now is the time to say … It’s time

– Pete Townshend, „Brilliant Blues“

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1 Comment

  1. lajla:

    Das ist sehr schoen mit den vertrauten Dingen -but
    Don’t fade away, der Mersey muendet in die Irische See, it’s time for a brilliant irish football song:
    To everyone their native sports
    That right was dearly won
    And we believe in football
    As we believe in song
    Oh! we d follow it to heaven
    Oh! we d follow it to hell
    And we d follow it to limbo
    If the pitch is playable

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