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2014 10 Mai

Official announcement for professional translators and multi-talented music lovers

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We’re seriously looking for bilingual people from Poland, China, Japan, Italy, France, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Morocco, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Hungary, and inhabitants of other countries who are music lovers and able to translate our long Eno/Hyde-Interview (posted on May, 1st) to their native language. We’re not looking for some ridiculous google-translations, but for high quality work that implies all the subtleties of the original text. If you are interested, just leave a comment with your email adress. This adress can only be seen by the Manafonistas. We would then send you the details of the deal.

P.S.: We are very happy to announce that there will be a Chinese translation of the Eno/Hyde-interview soon. As far as I know, it will probably be posted on a Chinese on-line forum for contemporary music. Details will follow. Come on, France, Italy, Spain, Norway!

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