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1) Bugge Wesseltoft: OK World
2) Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana (Mehliana): Taming The Dragon
3) Todd Terje: It’s Album Time

Three examples for oh-so-groovy, jazz-flavoured world music, mega-cool post-fusion prog jazz and incredibly nice dancefloor playground music. No cheap cliche that you won’t find here, with a degree of perfection that could be called courageous if you wouldn’t feel the urgent need to shoot your speakers. In the end the music might find its way to the after hours parties of the Rotary Clubs of this world, to the car discos of local drug dealers, and to The Walt Disney theme park of utterly meaningless happy-sad music. (me)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Well, Wolf Kampmann (Jazzthetik) and John Kelman (Allaboutjazz) would strongly disagree, for sure they have a completely other perspective on Mehliana (doesn’t it sound like a new synthetic drug?) I would not wonder if the word „masterpiece“ is about to jump from their lips. But in a world of fairytales, everybody’s a conoisseur. By the way, the dragon is dead by now.

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