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1. Tom Verlaine: A Stroll, from: Songs and Other Things
2. Tom Verlaine: Rain, Sidewalk, from: Songs and Other Things
3. Burnt Friedman: Deku No Bo, from: Bokoboko
4. Dirty Projectors: Dance For You, from: Swing Lo Magellan
5. The Flaming Lips: Ashes in the Air, from: The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwiends
6. Labradford: C. of People, from: Prazision LP
7. Hilary Hahn & Hauschka: Ashes, from: Silfra
8. Lost in the Trees: Garden, from: A Church That Fits Our Needs
9. Chris Watson: Sierra Tarahumara, from: El Tren Fantasma
10. Joanna MacGregor & Andy Sheppard: The mercy seat (Cave), from: Deep River
11. Six Organs of Admittance: Hold But Let Go, from: Asleep On The Floodplain
1. Geoff Barow / Ben Salisbury: 301 – 305, from: DROKK – Inspired by Mega-City One
2. Geoff Barow / Ben Salisbury: Exhale, from: DROKK – Inspired by Mega-City One
3. Geoff Barow / Ben Salisbury: Lawmaster, from: DROKK – Inspired by Mega-City One
4. Cakewalk: Perpetual, from: Wired
5. Can: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Whore, from: The Lost Tapes
6. Can: Dead Pigeon Suite, from: The Lost Tapes
7. Astrid: Suite, from: High Blues
8. Philip Jeck: Vinyl Coda IV
9. Cheek Mountain Thief: Nothing, from: Cheek Mountain Thief

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2 Kommentare

  1. Bob:

    I’d happily listen to this one!

  2. Martina:

    That´s fine, Bob. I think you appreciated it more than the person I gave it to.

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