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Stars and cars and radio waves. If you listen to these 55 minutes of music, you might get lost in your dreams near the end. Janek Schaefer wouldn’t mind, he is quite a nocturnal person and has just released his calmest record yet. But at first, Meredith Monk’s vivid dance will stop you in the tracks: the track that starts this „blue hour“ is like a shot of coffee at 4 o’clock in the morning. Then (oooh!) this „country death record“ (or how you might call it) by the Canadian drifters and troubadours of Timber Timbre: a time travel to the „Gothic South“ – traces of black-and-white spy movies, Roy Orbison in the Grand Canyon – David Lynch loves this band (and apart from being trapped in promoting TM  – see the documentary ‚David Wants to Fly‘, and you know! – he has a good taste for the cinematic qualities of music.) The ghost stories continue with sound-artist BJ Nilsen and his fantastic sound-trip through London: everyday life turns into dream fragments. To stroll properly, one should have no particular plans. After a short, merciless noise, Tara Jane O’Neil comes along: her journey through foggy hinterlands in the middle of nowhere (made in America) is another dark affair of distant lights. At the end, everything comes to rest  at the outer limits of nighttime London, with cars and stars and radio waves. (me)



1)  Meredith Monk: Folkdance, aus: PIANO SONGS, Cd 03, 4’00“ 2) Timber Timbre: Curtains!?, aus: HOT DREAMS, Cd 03, 3’43“ 3) BJ Nilsen: Londinum, aus: EYE OF THE MICROPHONE, CD 01, 10’44“ 4) Tara Jane O’Neil: Elemental Finding / All Now Vibe / The Signal, Wind, aus: WHERE SHINE NEW LIGHTS, Cd 07, 08, 09, 3’53”, 2’07”, 2’20” 5) Janek Schaefer: Radio 101 FM / Radio 102 FM / Radio 103 FM / Radio 104 FM, aus: LAY-BY LULLABY, Cd 01, 02, 03, 04, 5’25”, 3’47”, 5’26“, 6’59“

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The last show of April will be on April 26th, and contain new songs of the forthcoming Eno/Hyde-album, excerpts of my interview with Brian, and probably additional music by Damon Albarn, Current 93, and a Jamaican music treasure from ancient times (that I love endlessly).

    I’ll be back on this blog on April 24th.

    The Eno interview will be published here on May 1st (carefully edited, but not translated). With some nice photo footage.

    There will also be a „Manafonistas“ review of the album, before the release of „Someday World“.

    And we will – possibly – post an original cartoon, one of Frank Nikol’s famous and infamous „one picture stories“ that may not only include Brian Eno, but his Moroccan hat, too. That’s the running gag here. But, of course, you never know …

    And, in between, my only contribution will be a photo of my dog :)

  2. Martina:

    Das Stück von Timber Timbre hat mir sehr gefallen. Die Energie darin. Das Highlight für mich ist aber Janek Schaefer (oder Schäfer), der ein sehr sympathischer Nachtmensch zu sein scheint. Habe mich sehr gefreut, dass es wieder ein Interview in der Sendung gab. O-Töne geben den Stücken mehr Tiefe, sie vermitteln ein Gespür für die Person hinter der Musik, eine weitere Wahrnehmungsebene. Die Art und Weise, wie Janek Schaefer von den zurückwinkenden LKW-Fahrern erzählt hat.

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